Holland, MI


Many of MAX’s bus shelters and bus stops are at locations where there is little or no snow removal in inclement weather. These locations also may require some trash pick-up and removal, or light cleaning of shelter surfaces. Adopt-A-Stop Volunteers clear snow and ice from their assigned bus stops and shelters on a regular basis or as needed.



Varies. Estimated 2-4 hours weekly.  Assigned locations should be physically inspected weekly and cleaned or cleared as needed.


  • Ability to travel to and from various bus stop and bus shelter locations around town either in their personal vehicle or riding the bus
  • Ability to perform light cleaning duties including light lifting, bending, standing and walking.
  • Ability follow instructions and perform tasks as assigned
  • Ability to successfully pass a background check


  • Orientation to MAX transit, shelter locations and bus stops
  • Cleaning procedures for shelters and bus stops
  • List of necessary supplies
  • Completion of Volunteer Time Sheets
  • Completion of Work Orders for needed repairs, graffiti, etc.


  1. Cleaning bus shelters of trash and litter and wiping surfaces
  2. Shoveling of snow and ice at designated bus stop and any adjoining walkway to ensure accessibility by passengers
  3. Reporting any needed repairs and completing a work order
  4. Documenting all volunteer time logged and submitting a Volunteer Time Sheet weekly to your supervisor.
  5. Wearing and presenting a MAX Authority Volunteer ID badge at all times while volunteering and/or on Authority premises.
  6. Adhering to all Authority policies contained in the Employee Handbook.
  7. Adhering to all local, state and federal laws while volunteering for the Authority.
  8. Other activities as needed or determined necessary.